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June Event

Tuesday June 14th

“Can Social Responsibility Impact Your Customer Experience?”

Presented by

Sue Holden, Seventh Generation

Jenna Bourne, Stonyfield Farms

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

hosted by

Stonyfield Farms

1050 Perimeter Road, Suite 302
Manchester, NH 03103


Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals New England Chapter

SOCAP New England Chapter
11 Federal St.
Newburyport, MA  01950

Phone: 978-531-2022
Email:  inquire@ socapnewengland.org



Global community of customer care experts
driving business transformation.

Welcome to Socap New England 2011

We have moved our site to:


Notes From Spring Kick-off Event

The SOCAP New England Chapter held its first meeting of 2011 with the generous sponsorship support of Wade Hauser and Litle & Co. at their spacious headquarters in Lowell, MA.

CJ Stafford of Stafford Communications and Beth Ziff of Premier Response presented Crisis Planning in the Call Center providing attendees with a Crisis Planning Checklist. Discussion was plentiful as many shared their past experiences in breach of security or recall situations.




Attendees included representatives from Dunkin’ Brands, Hannaford Supermarkets and Quest Diagnostics. The event culminated when Litle rolled in hot and spicy afternoon snacks catered by Chili’s.  


Pictured above are Sherri Stevens of Hannaford and Gloria Mogavero of Caras Training.  Thank you to all that attended, to our marvelous speakers, and to Litle & Co for being our host!




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